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So, you want to be part of the Kathy Fan Club - Everything she touches turns to Told! Here you go. Just leave your name, email address and then type of updates you would like to receive in the form below and you will become a member of the distinguished group of individuals known as the Friends of Kathy, or Kathy Posner Fan Club.

Officer Position Email
Sue Kupcinet* President sue@kathyposner.com
Lisa Glantz Vice President lisa@kathyposner.com
Linda Shafran Deputy Undersecretary linda@kathyposner.com
Dee Diamond Blog Editor-in-Chief dee.diamond13@gmail.com
Connie Buscemi Overlord to All Things Under connie@kathyposner.com
Hon. Jack Franks Official Legislator jack@kathyposner.com
Shaunta Garth #1 Fan shaunta@kathyposner.com
Kathy Wurtser Culinary Consul General kathyw@kathyposner.com
Patti Condon Personal Asst. to Ms. Posner patti@kathyposner.com
Kaz Rossetto Asst. to the Traveling Secretary kaz@kathyposner.com
Jason Baumann Web Designer/Catholic Liaison jason@kathyposner.com
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