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Welcome to the Quintessential Kathy web site. Most people call their site the “official site” of something, but I think quintessential is more appropriate. Quintessential, which means representing the perfect example of a class or quality, is a better definition for what we have created here.

Kathy and friends

If you are reading this, you might already be a FOK (Friend of Kathy). If you are not currently a FOK, I welcome you to the club!

I try to write a new blog everyday — but since I usually write about things that make me mad, if I am not mad at something on a particular day, I might not write anything. I welcome your comments on my blogs and will respond to them to help get a dialogue going. You can contact me easily through the "Contact" section of this web site.

I encourage you to sign up in the “Fan Club” section, so we will be able to send you updated information about TV and radio appearances, charity events, parties and the like. If I don’t have your e-mail address, you will miss out on some fun invitations! So sign up! You can also sign up for new blog alerts.

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